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The Market

The number of bank branches in the UK has decreased but the demand for access is growing!

Physical branches have fallen in numbers from 20,000 to just 5,000 today, this leaves a massive market gap to be filled by our proven business model. The opportunity and market goes far beyond people’s access to cash, and the impact of the branch closures in the UK. This is a global problem and opportunity where our own innovation created in the UK can scale well beyond.

2.3trillionTotal savings market
25.7millionpeople aged 50 and over
160billionTarget savings market
1.7milliontarget customers
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Number of bank branches20,000
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Our Model

Banxlocal.uk business model is a new and emerging, Access as a Service proposition

A truly open framework channel providing multi-access from one single platform. A solid foundation and infrastructure of 400 branches across the UK, allows for continued innovation to bring further products, services, and revenue streams as part of our multi service pillar. This will lead to banxlocal.uk becoming a global and international player.


Our three-pronged approach

A three-pronged approach to ensure commercial viability, sustainability and scalability.


Payments System

Providing access to cash via a payments system for deposits and withdrawals for all banking partners.


Open Architecture

An MVP to create an open architecture savings platform giving access to multiple savings accountabilities and scalability.


Open Banking

A truly open framework channel providing multi-access from one single case platform.

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Platform architecture

Built out from a central core, the innovation of a new and unique user interface will allow access to multiple banks from any one location and digital channels.

The open banking framework, allows banking partners to access via an integration layer to a centralised banking core - supported by manned branch terminals and a customer App. Rest APIs and software as a service solutions, provide all regulatory reporting, client due diligence, KYC and financial crime. Artificial intelligence and machine learning, make for a complete data driven 360-degree view allowing for better informed decisions.


The innovation of the last 15 years is brought together in a new and unique way never seen before.

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The centralised core banking system (CBS) is the foundation of banxlocal.uk’s central services. The CBS will enable the business to run its daily operations integrating directly with SaaS providers and partner banks via rest APIs where available.

Customer information management

Managing customer information such as names, addresses, contact information, account numbers, and account balances.

Account Management

Maintenance of records of deposits, withdrawals and transactions related to partner bank accounts.

Document Management

Storage and retrieval of customer document including proof of identity / address, source of wealth, account statements, and legal agreements electronically.

Financial Crime

Financial crime prevention and detection through KYC checks, AML related transaction monitoring and fraud detection.

Regulatory Reporting

Generates reports and provides analytics enabling banxlocal.uk to make informed decisions about operations, customer behaviour and financial performance.

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Supporting the customer branch experience through a combination of customer service terminals, kiosks and digital displays.

Single Customer View

Banxlocal.uk terminals providing dashboard views aggregating customer data from multiple sources including account balances, document management and client due diligence.

Customer Onboarding

Manage the client onboarding journey, seamlessly handing off between banxlocal.uk app and branch.

Banxlocal.uk Kiosks

Customer kiosks providing access to account information, payment options and savings opportunities together with ATM facilities for partner bank cash deposits and withdrawals.

Bank Communication

Customers can speak directly with partner bank customer service representatives via banxlocal.uk private call booths.

Digital Displays

Real-time digital displays managed from the central services detailing savings product offers from partner banks.

The App

To support the out-of-branch experience, the developed App will be deployed and launched as part of the opening of the first ten branches.

Banxlocal.uk App Mockup Screen
banxlocal.uk orange logo

The App

App Perspective Screenshots
banxlocal.uk orange logo

The App

App Perspective Screenshots
banxlocal.uk orange logo

The App

App Perspective Screenshots
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The App Features

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Multi bank account overview

Leveraging open banking apis, the banxlocal.uk app will provide customers with a portal to see and manage all their partner bank accounts in one place.

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Payments and FX

Integrating payments, including foreign currencies, using open banking payments technology, the app will provide a cheaper and faster alternative to traditional card-based payment methods. No card reader fees. No scheme fees. No insufficient funds failures. No chargebacks.

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Savings and Loans Marketplace

The app will provide customers with access to the ‘banxlocal.uk market’, a consolidated view of all available savings accounts, lending options and insurance products from which the customer can commence account opening seamlessly.

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Identity Verification, KYC and AML

Banxlocal.uk will use the app as the primary mechanism to carry out in branch identity verification via a combination of push notifications and advanced biometrics already built into modern smartphones.

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Seamless User Experience

The app to branch experience will be seamless. Customers can commence account onboarding in the app before handing off to customer services agents in branch.

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Simplified Onboarding

Onboarding documentation then can be signed for digitally by the customer before being sent to partner banks for processing.

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Go to market

Our timeline


Concept and Design

  • Database IconExecutive team
  • Database IconCompliance legal team
  • Database IconIT team

Preparation and strategic planning

  • Database IconHR
  • Database IconFinance
  • Database IconMarketing
  • Database IconStrategy
  • Database IconLegal and Regulatory

First 100 branches open across the UK

  • Locations to be announcedLocations across the UK to be announced.
  • Database iconCore services delivered including; Savings, Loans, Wealth Management, Foreign Exchange and Insurance
2026 - 2027

The next 200 UK branches delivered and European branch planning commences

  • Database IconBranch support and servicing team
  • Database IconFurther service provision across lending and savings markets
  • European DevelopmentDevelopment into European markets

400 branches across UK fully open, European branches start trading

  • Database IconMultiSERVICE
  • database iconMultiACCESS
  • Database IconMultiBRANCH
Our Journey

We're seeking to connect with businesses and individuals who believe they can support our mission to radically redefine retail and SME banking. Please get in touch!